My name is Russ Veldman and I am a pastor in the Free Methodist Church – USA. My old blog was under the same name – Faster Unto Thee – but I took a break from it and decided to return to blogging with a better focus and on a free platform!

I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in 1998 with the M.Div. degree and have high hopes of earning an academic degree (M.Th. and/or Ph.D.) in the near future, possibly from The South African Theological Seminary.

I also am an adjunct instructor for Indiana Wesleyan University, teaching in the College of Adult and Professional Studies. I teach introductory courses in Bible, theology, pastoral ministry, and speech.

After ten  years at a previous pastorate, I began a new one in July of 2013. With that new beginning, it seems time for a new version of my blog, Faster Unto Thee.


5 responses to “About

  1. Chip Lamca

    Could you email me about your experience with SATS? I am looking to start soon and need to know what I am getting into :-). If you send a phone number I would be glad to call you

    • I have not yet begun my studies with SATS, but I certainly intend to. SATS is a fully accredited seminary, offering degrees from the Bachelor’s level through Ph.D. level. Many consider SATS to be the most user-friendly of the South African schools that offer distance-learning. Visit for some helpful info about how theological education is structured differently in South Africa compared to that of Europe and North America.

      SATS is a very strong school. I highly recommend it.

  2. Chip lamca

    Thank you. I signed up and started the class yesterday. Check in I”ll let you know what I think

    • Are you in the B.Th. program, or another?

      • Frank Lamca

        I am in the PhD program. I have been teaching at a university on an MDiv and significant experience as a missionary.


        Chip Lamca   480.808.7813 (Your best chance during the summer is to use this to TEXT rather than call!)

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