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A Return to Blogging – Hopefully

I have always wrestled with consistency in blogging. My old blog over at WordPress had quite a few posts on it, but also gaps of 1-3 months between posts. On this new blog I have not posted in about seven months. Ouch.

But now I have a better focus for blogging, plus a renewed interest, so maybe this time I will stick with it.

To that end, below is the prayer I wrote for tonight’s National Day of Prayer Community Service at our church. I was assigned the category of “families.” Tell me what you think.


Heavenly Father, from whom all good gifts come, we acknowledge that the idea, shape, and origin of family comes from you, and that it is for our good. We also acknowledge that as we stray from  your pattern for family life we do so at our own peril.

We confess, Father, that we in the Body of Christ have too often strayed and rebelled against your will for family life. Too often our families look like the families of this godless age – and sometimes worse. Forgive us for all kinds of unfaithfulness in marriage, for lack of dedication to our children, for seeking peace with trends over faithfulness to your Word, for adopting the world’s foolish notions of love, and for failing to model for unbelievers what Christ-centered families ought to be. Turn our hearts back to your Word, bring us to our knees in hearty and true repentance, and help us to live in contrast to this broken world, no matter what the cost.

We pray for the families of our nation, those outside the Body of Christ. We confess and are distraught that the concept of family and marriage has been twisted and distorted far away from what you have revealed in your Word, and that many revel in distortion. We pray for a move of your Spirit that will help our nation see that moving away from your plan and boundaries for family and marriage is foolish and destructive, and that people will begin looking to you for guidance. We pray that your Spirit will turn the hearts of fathers back to their children. We pray that you will help us, your people, to present your truth skillfully and winsomely to our land. And most of all, we pray that  your Spirit would open hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that we, your people, called by your name, would seize each and every opportunity to share the good news with them, for we know that our society’s problems are at root spiritual.

All this we ask, Heavenly Father, in the strong name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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